The Wenger Effect 

The Wenger effect so called after the highly successful manager Arsene Wenger who achieved great success with an innovative system that got the best out of an extremely talented group of individuals. However he was unable to repeat his early triumphs yet steadfastly stuck to the same system even thought he no longer had the level of talent at his disposal to make it work and the world in which he needed to compete now presented different challenges. 


This is a trap that all managers need to be aware of.  Managers who have enjoyed considerable success in an early part of their career faced with a problem they ask not how it should be solved but what would be the most me like response. After all my past record of success is evidence of the benefits of trusting in what has always worked for me in the past.


The Wenger effect is where managers keep trying the same things because they were once very effective.

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Iain COLE 3 Years Ago

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”  Attributed to Henry Ford.  The same could be said of such managers, project managers, change managers ... people in general.   Time to try something different and learn lessons from other's ... experiences, perhaps?