Sustainable Development Goals uploaded to the Global Value Exchange

A set of 17 outcomes and 174 indicators developed from the Sustainable Development Goals has been uploaded to the Global Value Exchange


The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are a set of goals and targets which will provide a framework for UN member states when developing policies, agendas and aid programmes. The 17 Goals set out to achieve an ambitious plan; to end poverty and combat climate change, inequality and injustice for all people around the globe.

Following on from the Millennium Development Goals, the Sustainable Development Goals target a broader range of issues, and aim to address the underlying causes of poverty and inequality which act as a barrier to sustainable development. Stakeholder involvement has informed the selection of the Sustainable Development Goals, with the UN conducting and facilitating various working group discussions, consultations and door-to-door surveys, as well as the creation of the My World 2015 website where anybody can vote on the development issues they feel are most important.

We have uploaded each of the Goals to the Global Value Exchange as outcomes:

Targets have been developed for each of the Goals. These have been uploaded to the Global Value Exchange as indicators and linked to the relevant outcome. For example, the outcome “No Poverty (Global Goals for Sustainable Development)” has the following indicators linked to it:

All of the entries we have uploaded can be accessed by searching “Global Goals for Sustainable Development” on the outcomes and indicators pages. The Outcomes Matrix for the Global Goals for Sustainable Development can be accessed here.

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