'TEEP Top Ups'

This is my first ever blog as I am very much a digital dinosaur. I used to create my first teaching resources on a type writer and listen to pirate radio to record the top 20 on a Sunday night so this is all really new to me...

However I am really pleased about how the project is going so far in our coastal comprehensive in Gosport. I wanted to document my thoughts and reflections to share.

Firstly we were as a school very worried that staff would see EFA as 'yet another thing to do' when we know in our hearts that it is essentially just really great teaching - using pupil voice to tell us what they know and what they did not get first time and therefore telling us how we need to intervene. We have recently invested heavily in training our teachers through SSAT TEEP (Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme) putting every member of our teaching staff through the training. With national reforms and several improvement agendas in the school, we were worried how the project would be received by very hardworking staff.

We decided to call the work 'TEEP Top Ups' to send a clear message that we are simply building on what we are already doing. We have taken a multi pronged approach to the project. Firstly we have used all our whole staff meeting this year to cover the 5 key ideas of EFA. This is led by staff for staff. Our first TEEP Top Up was conducted like a teachMEET and focused on Learning Intentions. It was a genuinely moving experience for me to see many teachers from the very young and enthusiastic early adopters at the start of their career, to the highly credible and established teachers stand up and present how they are making learning Intentions work for them and their pupils. The focus was on giving staff practical ideas that they could take away and use the very next day. No senior leader stood up at all - not even as an introduction...and actually I think this was really liberating as it sends a clear message that the new ideas we are taking risks (or at least calculated risks based on strong research evidence) are best coming from the people using them in their lessons.

Later today, I have a group of volunteers who want to work on the next topic of Questioning...I am providing some mince pies and mulled wine to keep the creative juices flowing. I already know it is going to be a fun meeting.

This has been supported by TLCs - Staff have chosen the areas of the TEEP model they want to focus upon. The TLCs are led by our established and aspiring Lead Practitioners. The first TLC was generally very positive and we need to encourage the peer observations to happen before our next one in January.

We are now trying to gain photos of where our TEEP and TEEP Top Up practice is happening to share as newsletters for our staff to make our learning more visible and show staff how we are doing things differently...We are thinking of calling this TEEP Times or perhaps TEEPtastic teaching.





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Corinne Settle 5 Years Ago
Thank you for this Moira. Having too recently written my first blog, I found it a little daunting putting myself 'out there' so its really appreciated that you have taken the time to record your thoughts. I also think that as the next two years fly by it will be great to be able to look back on how the project has developed. Many thanks, Corinne