Get your ticket for Notwestminster 2016 – two days of rock n roll local democracy

Notwestminster 2016, 12th and 13th February 2016


If you have something positive to say about local democracy, Notwestminster is for you.


We’re an informal network of people who are up for the challenge of doing something practical to make local democracy work better. Our first Notwestminster event was in February 2015, organised by volunteers from Local Democracy Bytes.


In February 2016, we’re back for our “difficult second album” – two days of rock n roll local democracy. Come and help us make local democracy more stripped back, simple, easy to understand, emotional, exciting and fun.


Free tickets for our main event on Saturday 13th February 2016 and fringe activities on Friday 12th February 2016 are available now – you can sign up today.


We’d also love to hear from anyone who would like to run a 50 minute workshop with a distinctly democratic flavour in Huddersfield on Saturday 13th February 2016. Your workshop should relate to one of our Design Challenges for Local Democracy.


Some examples are:

  • Access to decision makers – How can we encourage real contact between those making the decisions and those affected by them?
  • Understanding How It Works – How can we make local government understandable for ordinary people so that they have a better chance to influence?
  • Inclusive Democracy – How can we ensure that all local democratic activities provide a fair chance for everyone to participate?
  • Democracy Alerts – How can we ensure that people know about decisions that affect them so that they can get involved if they wish?
  • Digestible democracy – How can we make it less obscure like jazz, more popular like rock n roll?


Get involved

We hope you’ll want to get involved. You can join our Notwestminster network for updates. And if you know of someone else who might be interested, please let them know.

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