Support the development of an app rating locations, venues and shops on their accessibility

Please show your support for the proposal to develop the 'Accessibility ratings' app - an app that allows the public to rate and comment on locations, venues and shops on their accessibility. The proposed development is through a program called ‘App Movement' by Digital Civics.


This is a not-for-profit project and in order to get to the design stage the proposal needs to achieve 150 supporters by the 20 July. Supporting the proposal is free and very easy, just click this link to find out more, support the proposal and share the page via Twitter, Facebook and email.


Jessica Norman who works at the LGA is seeking support for the development of an app which allows those with accessibility needs and learning difficulties to rate locations (venues, shops, outdoor spaces) as to their physical accessibility and the disability friendliness of the staff. This would help those with disabilities and learning difficulties and their families scope out suitable locations, perhaps reduce isolation and anxiety due to disability and also highlight best practice and areas of improvement for venue managers. The aim is to help locals and visitors to the area choose the most appropriate places for their needs and allow business and providers to build an awareness of how they could improve their accessibility.


Digital Civics is a long-term research initiative led by Open Lab, Newcastle University that is exploring how digital technologies can empower citizens and communities. They run App Movement - a platform which allows anyone to propose an idea for an app and use peer-to-peer support during the design process to generate an app which works for everyone. The App Movement process starts when someone creates a campaign page, known as a movement, to share their idea and leverage support. App Movement requires citizens to gather 150 supporters within a 14-day period for the campaign to progress into the design phase. This ensures that the community are willing to engage with the idea as well as contribute and sustain the information resource when it’s launched.

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Martin Burroughs 3 Years Ago
A laudable idea- but isn't there a website that already allows this? I can't remember the name, it's not public sector but I think it is well-established. The gap for me-which I have mulled starting something around, but been daunted- is for a fairtrade style scheme where shops, streets, centres can apply for accreditation. That would link well with services like this.
Philippa Lynch 3 Years Ago
Yes - worth thinking what else is on offer. Here are two that I picked up from a search on the topic. Worth adding any more that people know of.