Psyching up for success

Success is a series of good performances so psyching yourself up beforehand is essential. For the job interview it's telling yourself "YOU DESERVE THIS - FOCUS". For the big presentation it's telling your self ,"YOU CAN DO IT".For those crucial negotiations it's telling yourself," TRUST IN YOUR ABILITIES ". For the make or break cards on the table one to one with the boss it's telling yourself, "JUST DO IT". In this way your inner voice is constantly giving you a pep talk, urging you on, saying you can do it . In your  head you  are rehearsing for success. You have already done a great interview ,delivered a powerful presentation, and completed a successful negotiation in your mind before you do it for real.

Well that's one school of thought although it could lead to over confidence and a lack of insight into your own abilities. Even the most enthusiastic sports psychologist would admit positivity alone is no substitute for experience, knowledge and skill. The aim is simply to ensure you give the best performance you are capable of. We all know of capable candidates who don't perform well in interview situations. I have been surprised at the number of people I have supervised or coached who doubt whether they " deserve" the post they aspire to. Often it's the managers with the most insight into how their behaviour effects others who need to be encouraged to trust in their abilities. Those with the most experience know better than most the extent of the challenge and therefore hesitate. These are the people who need to be encouraged to " GO FOR IT". 

Blair McPherson former director, author and blogger

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